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    We Ship Worldwide

    Serving Our Handcrafted Industry since 1996 - To over 145 Countries & Thousands of Cities (See List)

    Soap Making Equipment Index

    Professional Air Soap Cutter™

    Professional Manual Soap Cutter™

    The Soap Loaf Cutter™

    AIr Soap Cutter and MoldThe Air Cutter - Ultimate in Soap Cutting

    The Ultimate in Large Production Soap Cutters...

    The most versatile high production soap cutter on the market for the home SoapMaker!

    The Willow Way Air Soap Cutter™ can produce thousands of perfect bars a day!

    A full production, CUSTOM Made Soap Cutter designed to your specifications, bar and batch size.

    Cuts both Loaves and Bars with One piece of equipment.


    Manual Soap CutterManual Soap Cutter - Ultimate in Manual Soap Cutting

    Large Production Soap Cutting at It's Finest...

    Professional Manual Soap Cutter™ that is CUSTOM Designed to your bar size.

    We work with you to obtain your ideal pour weight and block size.

    You can cut a large 40 pound block of soap in just minutes into neatly cut and perfect bars.

    Cuts both Loafs and Bars with One piece of equipment.


    Loaf Soap CutterSoap Loaf Cutter The LONG Soap Loaf Cutter

    Cut That Loaf/Log of Soap Into Perfect Bars in One Fell Swoop!

    Cut Perfect bars Quickly and Easily Every Time with this Quality Built Soap Cutter.

    Available in 3 Stock Sizes


    The EZ Way M&P Soap Cutter™

    Professional Manual PIE Soap Cutter

    Soap Cutting Boxes - Cutter Blades

    EZ Way Soap Cutter


    The EZ Way Soap Cutter™ can produce thousands of perfect bars a day by one person.

    No More Cutting One Bar At A TIME!


    Manual Soap PIE Cutter

    Professional Manual PIE Soap Cutter

    A slice of pie anyone?

    Pies, Bundt Cakes, Cakes... Rounds of any kind are cut perfectly with the HANDcraft Pie Soap Cutter.

    No more guesswork on spacing or lopsided pie cuts.


    Adjustable Soap Cutter Box

    Adjustable Soap Box

    Single Bar Soap Box

    Soap Box

    Smooth Soap Cutter

    Smooth Blade

    HANDcraft 3" Half-Round Slicer

    Half Round Slicer

    Beveled Face

    Soap Edger

    Krinkle Soap Cutter

    Krinkle Blade


    MaxiBall Bath Bomb Maker™

    EZ Way Bath Bomb Press™

    Willow Bath Bomb Press™

    MaxiBall Bath Bomb MakerMaxiBall Bath Bomb Maker

    Press out perfect bath bomb spheres effortlessly and efficiently.

    Tired of using Christmas tree ornament packaging to make big bath bombs?

    Stop having sore hands and arms from packing the bath bomb material.

    Tired of waiting for days to dry or drying in an oven?

    MaxiBalls fizz longer, fizz harder, dry faster and hold up better in shipment.

    Great for squeezing oranges!


    EZ Way Bath Bomb Press™ - Pneumatic Bath Bomb PressThe EZ Way Bath Bomb Press™ is the culmination of years of experience in making Bath Bomb equipment.

    We invented the Bath Bomb Press and of course, the next step was the first Pneumatic Press, December 18, 2006. Our next step was a press that could utilize every mold we have. We have many products that have yet to make it to our websites. We may spend years perfecting products before putting them on our sites. FiftEZ Way Bath Bomb Press™y percent of our work is custom. If you need it….we can build it!

    So……what will it do?…..Everything, our Bath Spheres (MaxiBalls), our Sculpted Bath Fizzies, our Designer Bath bombs and of course Custom Bath bombs.

    Choose from over 30 Different Bath Bomb Molds!

    Bath Bomb PressWillow Bath Bomb Press

    Make quality Bath Bombs fast and easy.

    Now there is a way to Consistently Produce Rock Hard, Shapely Bath Bombs easily and efficiently.

    No more crumbling, loose pockets of material or having to heat in an oven to harden.

    No more crumbling, loose pockets of material or having to heat in an oven to harden.

    Custom Designs, Special Shapes with Logos, are available.

    Interchangeable with any of our molds, and easy to set up.

    The Bath Bomb Press also can double as a Soap Stamper all you need is a Custom Stamp or the Milky Way stamp holder.


    Oil, M&P & Candle Wax Melters

    Loaf and Tray Soap Molds

    Large Production Pro Soap Molds

    Oil, M&P & Candle Wax Melters (Heaters)Soap Making Oil - Candle Wax Melting Heaters

    We design and manufacture our line of Soap, Candle Wax and Oil Water Jacketed Tanks (Melters) for the HandCrafted Body Care Industry using only the finest materials available. These HandCrafted Stainless Steel Tanks (Melters) are built to serve you for years to come.

    Available in 7 sizes (Custom sizes available upon request) to fit most any need...

    We have WaxMelters and SoapMelters of all sizes, from the smallest of our soapmelters, the 5 gallon Water Jacketed Tank , to the largest of our stock waxmelters, the 125 gallon Water Jacketed Tank. We can also custom make you a WaxMelter or SoapMelter tank, just about any size you want.


    Made for Life, from tough, high density plastic.

    A great way to get started into Soapmaking.Quad Loaf Soap Mold

    Block (Tray) Soap Molds

    Single Loaf Soap Molds

    Soap Molds

    Triple Loaf Soap Molds

    Quad Loaf Soap Molds


    Single Block Soap MoldMORE INFORMATION...

    Air Soap Cutter MoldCustom designed to your bar size and cutter.

    For the Handcrafted Soapmaker, these are the ultimate molds.

    Tough, durable, easy to clean, assemble and de-mold.
    Discounts available for multiple quantities.

    Made to last from tough, high density plastic.

    Large Production Soap MoldsThey are easy to clean.

    No maintenance.

    Easy to disassemble and de-mold.



    NaOH (Lye) Tanks

    Soap Maker Scales

    EZ Fill Tube Molds

    NaOH (Lye) Tanks - Stainless SteelLye NaOH Tanks

    The best way to mix and store your Lye/Water solution. It's there when you need it. Store your mixed solution for a month or more with no loss of strength. When you're ready to make soap, it will quickly heat your solution to just the right temperature.


    Willow Weigh Soaper ScaleAll kinds of Scales to make your Weighing Easier

    Floor Scales ...HANDcraft Tank Scale

    Shipping Scales ...

    Soaper Scales ...

    Cosmetic Scales...

    and More ...


    EZ Fill 2" and 3" Tube Mold SystemAvailable in... 2" - 3" - 4" Diameters

    Also available in single tube molds

    Are you tired of pouring one tube at a time? Are you having to freeze the soap to get it out of the pipe? Are you having trouble trying to stand them up or pour into them? or in general, just wishing you hadn't started making Round Soap Bars? No More Worries!

    HANDcraft 3" Tube Mold with Teflon LinerHere is a fast, efficient way for you to pour Round Soap Bars almost as quickly as pouring a hundred pound block of soap for an Air Soap Cutter™.



    Lip Balm Trays

    Soap Pot Tipper

    Soap Drying Trays

    This is the ultimate Lip Balm Tray.225 Tube Lip Balm Trays..

    Not only can you pour 225 balms all at once, for your most popular blends but you can pour 3 different Lip Balm tube quantities, using the same tray at the same time; choosing nearly any quantity combination of tubes that you want. As in all of our equipment, we keep 'You', the HandCrafter in mind. We understand that your business will grow. We also know this has to be done in steps that you can’t always produce large quantities, but whatever you make, you must be able to produce it efficiently, with cost and time in mind.

    Many sizes to choose from.

    Fill thousands per day.

    We also will make custom sized for any number of tubes.

    Soap Pot TipperSoap Pot Tipper-Kettle

    The ultimate way to mix and pour soap. When used with our Soap Pot Whipper and one of our Oil Heaters; one person can produce hundreds of pounds of soap per day easily and perfectly.

    Heavy gauge, stainless steel pot swings freely, 315 degrees on a sturdy steel frame.

    80-quart (76 L) and 164-quart (155 L) sizes


    Soap Pot WhipperFast trace times, thorough incorporation; soft rubber blades wipe the sides and bottom of vessel as you mix.

    Fits any 3/8” or 1/2” drill.


    Willow Way Soap Drying Trays and AccessoriesOur Soap Drying Trays are the Ultimate, when it comes to shaving loads off of your curing time.

    Some customers say as much as 40%.

    In addition to less drying time, there is saving all that labor in racking your bars and time in turning your bars to get an even cure.Willow Way Soap Drying Trays and Accessories

    Vented & Stackable

    Exclusive Slot Vent Design



    Soap Mixers

    Easy Way Soap Stamper

    Pro Bottling Equipment

    Mighty MixerIncrease Production - You can produce a lot of soap or candles efficiently.Slow Speed Mixer Impeller Blades

    Save Time & Money - Less labor, Less cost per bar.

    Increase Profit - Less labor and time means less cost per bar-Equals More Profit!



    Commercial Power Wands

    Light Commercial Power WandBuilt to Last - Saves Energy

    Saves wear and tear on your arms and body

    Versatile - Use for soap, oils and candle wax.

    Mighty Mixer - Light Commercial Power Wand

    Commercial Power Wands - Oil-Wax Heater Mixer Slow Speed Mixer - Pot Whipper

    Soap StamperEasy Way Soap Stamper

    The only way to Stamp Soap!

    Customize your soap bars with unique designs and Logos.

    Have a special soap blend that needs that extra flair?

    Fast and accurate way to stamp your soaps.

    You can easily stamp 200 to 250 soap bars an hour.

    Have your soap stamper set up to stamp your logo or personalized design.

    See below for detailed custom soap stamps instructions.


    Bottle FillerBottle Filler

    You should expect production rates of about 10 bottles per minute (600 per hour), starting out and to reach over 25 per minute (1500 per hour) with experience. This will handle anything from Essential Oils/ Fragrance Oils to very thick lotions and creams. For food products, it will handle jams, jellies and salsas. Manually or semi-automatically operated.

    Pro Fast CapperBottle Capper

    Do you dread capping all those bottles? Are your hands aching and raw from yesterdays cap twisting? Our Pro Fast Bottle Capper can save your wrist and hands and make capping a breeze. The Pro Fast Bottle Capper is easy and quick to set up and even easier to use. Just set the cap on the bottle or container and press down with the spinning capper chuck.


    Bottle & Tube Labelers

    Hoist Systems

    Shrink Wrap Systems and Supplies

    Bottle LabelersHANDcraft Bottle Labeler

    Increase Production

    You should expect production rates of about 7-8 per minute (420 per hour) starting out and with experience up to 15 or more (900 per hour) with experience.

    Save Time & Money

    Less labor, Less cost per bottle. Label thousands of bottles a day with one person!

    Increase Profit

    Less labor and time means less cost per bottle-Equals More Profit!


    Label dimensions can range from, 1/2" to 5" (13mm to 127mm) in width and from 1 1/4" to 15" (32mm to 381mm) in length.

    Container diameter can range from 3/4" to 7" (19mm to 178mm)


    Air Soap Cutter™ - Easy Hoist SystemAir Soap Cutter with Hoist System

    How are you going to lift that heavy mold? No problem. Our Easy Hoist System works in tandem with the Air Soap Cutter™…. in fact it attaches right to our Air Soap Cutter™.

    Will lift up to 440 lbs (200Kg). Just a touch of a button to operate. The average Air Soap Cutter™ Mold when full is about 140 lbs (63.5Kg).

    Built tough to withstand years of use.

    Manual Soap Cutter™ - Easy Hoist SystemManual Soap Cutter Hoist System

    Need an easier way to hoist that soap mold onto your cutting table? A simple solution is to install a Manual Soap Cutter™ Easy Hoist System. After that it is as easy as pushing a button.

    Will lift up to 440 lbs (200Kg). Just a touch of a button to operate. The average Manual Soap Cutter™ Mold when full is about 120 lbs (54.5Kg). Built tough to withstand years of use.


    Shrink Wrap SystemsNow that you have produced all that Wonderful Soap and/or those Sweet Smelling Candles! It's Time To Package Them...

    Check Out Our...

    Wand ("Free-Arm") Based Shrink Wrap Systems

    Great for Soap, Candles, Baskets, Small Items and General Short-run Packaging!Shrink Wrap Film

    Choose from a variety of films for your Shrink-Wrap System, such as films that allow scent to pass through and films that allow your products to "breathe".

    Quickly and Easily Shrink-Wrap Numerous Bars of Soap - Three Models To Choose From...


    The Soap Shaper

    Primera Color Label Printer

    Custom Systems and Design

    Soap Shaper ExtruderAdd excitement to your soaps with shapes & colors from pink hearts to blue bears!

    Add a cool shape into your CP Soap, or make some killer samples to present to your customers?

    Use that scrap left over from your Cold Processed pours.

    Soap Shaper ShapesMORE INFORMATION...


    Print Full-Color Labels Fast & On-Demand!Primera LX900 Label Printer

    LX900 is Primera’s newest, fastest and most economical to operate color label printer. It utilizes the latest in high-resolution inkjet technology to print brilliant, colorful labels for your products, boxes and packaging. Individual ink cartridges for each color let you replace only the colors that need replacing.

    You'll save time and money on every job you print.

    Printed labels can include photos, graphics, illustrations and text – even high-resolution linear or two-dimensional bar codes. Print labels when and where you need them in just the quantities you can actually use.

    You are Unique, You are Creative,
    You are an Innovator!
    Shouldn’t the Equipment you use everyday
    Be Custom Designed Just For You?
    "We Offer Full Custom Designed Systems"
    "We Give You the Tools to Grow"

    Videos of Our Products

    HANDcraft™ Soap Shredder


    Soap Making Videos - See Our Products In Action

    Check out our Video Page...
    See some of our products in action!
    Look for this symbol throughout our site
    Video-See Our Products in Action

    Soap ShredderIf you are Re-Batching, making Soap Patties, Soap Balls, Tooth Soap or just using up scraps…..

    This is the machine for you!

    This amazing machine can process up to 1100 lbs (500kg) per hour!!

    The extra large Feed Tube, reduces your time in cutting down loaves or material to fit into the feed tube.

    You can process in Batch Bowl or through Continuous Feed Chute.

    All attachments are dishwasher safe.

    Pulse Control or Continuous On. Pulse allows you to control volume and starting under heavy load.

    Controls are easy to reach, easy to use, easy to clean.




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